Autodidact and pragmatist

Ben Delarosa

Ben Delarosa

What is actually here?

Here you will find something about the autodidact and lateral thinker Ben Delarosa, his former adopted country Ecuador and his other projects in Germany.

From 2011 to 2016, I lived in the uniquely beautiful country of Ecuador in the largest city of Guayaquil and was happy all around – if you disregard the problems that exist in every country on earth. “Ecuador, God willing, is the last stop in my life,” I said during my time there. But it turned out differently… In the meantime, I am back in Germany and am reorienting myself. But more about that later.

Ben Delarosa Armada
Ben Delarosa

Ben Delarosa a self-taught pragmatist

Auf dieser privaten Homepage gebe ich einen kleinen Einblick in mein Leben und meine Erfahrungen mit den unterschiedlichsten Kulturen auf unserer Erde.

Vielleicht kommen auch ein paar Kurzgeschichten hinzu.

On this private homepage I give a small insight into my life and my experiences with the most different cultures on our earth.

Maybe some short stories will be added. The site should simply develop piece by piece and how it will develop, I don’t know yet. Only one thing is for sure, a website is never finished. It will always be updated, rewritten, or simply pictures will be published. So it is always worth to have a look.

What is not here?

What there won’t be on my web pages is easily explained: No stolen photos from the internet, no work that someone else has made. Likewise, there will be no contributions, or photos, the content of which is contrary to the protection of minors, no articles that, in whatever form, do not comply with the principle of equality of all people. Downloads or links, which offend against valid right, one will likewise look in vain here. Links, which refer to commercial web pages, I will not publish likewise, since this web page will remain a pure private side. So there is no intention to make a profit.

And what am I looking for?

I am always looking for interesting projects. I will publish a short profile of my previous activities. So if you have tasks for me (also online), please write me via the contact form on this page. No matter if long term or short term, the task is important to me. I am also happy about mail-friendships from all over the world.

Do I have a guiding principle for my life?

Yes, it is “He who questions nothing, does not test.”

Where does the name “El Lobo” come from?

I got this name from a time when I worked hard on the traces of life on my face.

By the way:

If anyone is thinking of emigrating to Ecuador and the situation of the Corona Pandemic has improved, I certainly have some tips for them. So just write to me.

Interesting facts from the daily newspaper of Ecuador:

This website is also available in spanish: